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About Us

Hey Everyone! I have to admit I am “over the moon” excited for this little journey. It has been 8 years in the making since I first created an activity kit. At that time we were a baseball family, traveling every two weeks, all over the country for Ryan to play ball. It was an exciting time! Taytum, my oldest, was just one and I was so eager to create meaningful activities for her to engage with no matter where we were. Yes, of course, she used her iPad but I longed for a more creative use of our time. Sensory focused activity kits quickly became my jam and I was so thankful for the benefits of sensory play on the go! Fast forward to today, three gorgeous little girls and 12 wonderful baseball years behind us, I am finally in one place long enough to setup shop! Thank you for visiting my website!
I am so excited to see how your child engages and creates with their new Appaloosa Tots kit! At Appaloosa Tots we take pride in creating a meaningful product that is full of fun for children of all ages. They are learning so much as they play!
Our kits are wonderful for many reasons: building sensory development, hand coordination, language expansion, strengthening of hand muscles to improve writing, and expressing their individual creativity are amongst a mile long list of positive ways sensory kits affect our children. It’s ok, go ahead and enjoy that independent play time!
To learn more about Appaloosa Tots, please follow us on social media and check back to our website for blog updates!
XOXO Suzanne Raburn